High Quality, Biblical Education for Christian Leaders.

With nearly 300 courses of study, Connexus Bible Institute is training Christian leaders to take their education into churches and into the world.

Get a biblical education completely on line!

Connexus Bible Institute is an online and on-demand provider of various theology degrees for ministers, missionaries, market place leaders, Christian counselors and ANYONE seeking to become a high capacity Christian leader.  We offer quality, affordable and flexible education in all things related to Christian leadership and development.


Featured Degrees

Associate, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate of Theology with concentrations in the following ...

Cert. of Ministry in Marketplace Ministry

PT507 Seven Basic Biblical Principles for Success in the Marketplace
PT597 Financial Wisdom to Create True Wealth
PT633 God’s Systems on Success
PT667 Kingdom Business Leadership I
PT687 Kingdom Business Leadership II

Cert. of Ministry in Leadership Studies

PT136 Leaders Under Construction
PT235 A Biblical Understanding of Leadership
PT322 Leadership Principles VII
PT350 Courage to Lead
PT511 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Cert. of Ministry in Advanced Leadership Studies

PT255 Leadership Principles I
PT420 Strengthening Leaders
PT555 Leadership Principles II
PT675 Cultivating Kingdom Champions
PT705 Leadership Principles V

Biblical Theology

There are three areas of concentration in the Biblical Theology Division:​

Theological Foundations
Systematic Theology
Worldview Studies

Christian Counseling

There are two areas of concentration in the Christian Counseling Division:​

Biblical Counseling
Marriage and Family Studies.

Practical Theology

There are six areas of concentration in the Practical Theology Division:

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation
Pastoral Ministry
Worship Ministry
Healing Ministry
Leadership Studies
Marketplace Ministry

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