This is a look at just a few of the distinguished members of Connexus Bible Institute faculty! For a look at all of our courses and complete faculty, you can download the CBI Course Catalog today.

Dr. Greg Williamson

Dr. Greg Williamson has served as Lead Pastor of Valley Christian Church, in New York since 1993. Greg has a passion for raising up and developing leaders, and as the President of Connexus Leadership Network, he has the opportunity to work with pastors and Christian leaders around the country and the world. With 12 years coaching high school football and over 29 years of pastoral experience, Greg loves to “coach up” leaders to think “outside the box”, to impact their communities in a greater way for the Kingdom of God. Additionally, Greg serves on the Council/Boards of Liberty Network International, Christian Life School of Theology Global and the Executive Team of USCAL.
Courses taught: Reaching a Postmodern World; The Emerging Missional Church

Dr. Ron Cottle

He is an accomplished author, has extensive experience in teaching, pastoring, public speaking, education administration, both radio and television experience, and currently ministers through REC Ministries. He teaches multiple courses that are so profound and life-changing that many students become addicted to taking his courses!​

Other courses: The Anointing: It’s Nature and How to Receive It; The Ten Commandments, The Book of Galatians, The Book of Nehemiah, Biblical Languages: Hebrew I, II and III, and many more courses!Dr. Ronald E. Cottle

Dr. Jerry Horner

Dr. Jerry Horner is the past Dean of the Seminary at both Oral Roberts University and Regent University. After earning his Doctorate at Cambridge University in England, Dr. Horner became a well-respected Bible professor and lecturer in the US and globally.​

The Book of Acts: The Spirit and Mission of the Church:  This course is an exciting study of the beginnings and expansion of the early Church, with particular attention given to the role of the Holy Spirit and to apostolic ministry.

Dr. Ron Kenoly

Dr. Ron Kenoly is an international Worship Leader, Singer, Songwriter and Teacher, international conference and seminar speaker, and President of Ron Kenoly Ministries.​

The Priority of Praise and Worship:  This course explores all the elements and dynamics of effective praise and worship in the local church for pastoral leaders, musicians, and laity in worship. It brings a total understanding of the ‘worship experience’ and the ‘praise’ of praise and worship for a congregation.

Dr. Randal Langley

Dr. Randal Langley is the President and CEO of CLST Global and CLEN, a successful church planter, educator, entrepreneur, and also a founding partner and certified life coach, teacher, and trainer for the John C. Maxwell Team. He’s addicted to raising up leaders and helping people fulfill their God-given purpose!

Dynamics of Effective Communication
A comprehensive study targeted both for beginning and veteran speakers in the art of public speaking and communication. Students are taught the SCORRE system- a creative and relevant communication model used by leaders to effectively penetrate today’s culture.

Other course: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Dr. Stephen Mansfield

Dr. Stephen Mansfield is a well-respected historian, a New York Times best-selling author and a popular speaker who coaches leaders worldwide. He’s also a pastor, teacher, and author of numerous history articles.

History of Christianity in America I and IIThese 2 courses trace the origin and growth of Christianity in America beginning in fifteenth century Europe and concluding with the 1980s. Emphasis is placed upon significant events and times as viewed from a Biblical and Christian perspective. More than dates and dead people, history is the result of God’s rule over the affairs of men and nations!

Other course: World Religions in Christian Perspective

Dr. Mark Rutland

Dr. Mark Rutland is a teacher, New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder of Global Servants & The National Institute of Christian Leadership. His experience also includes President of Southeastern University and President of Oral Roberts University.​

Christian Ethics:  This course is a study of the general nature of Christian morals and of specific moral choices. Emphasis is placed upon Christian principles of right or good conduct and the rules or standards governing conduct. Topics include the holiness of God, life-style virtues, inner virtues and the virtue of Christ.

Dr. C. Peter Wagner

Dr. C. Peter Wagner (Aug. 15, 1930 – Oct. 21, 2016) was the Vice President and Ambassadorial Apostle of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI) and Chancellor Emeritus of the Wagner Leadership Institute. Missions have been a watermark of Peter’s career beginning in 1971 when he became a Professor of Church Growth at Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Missions.  Later, Peter and John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, co-instructed the course “Signs, Wonders and Church Growth” at Fuller Seminary. During his 30-year tenure at Fuller he had the privilege to teach students from nearly every country in the world.​

Peter Wagner has been associated with several global movements of the Holy Spirit and has written over 70 books.

Dynamics of Church Growth:  This course will reveal the secrets of the fastest growing churches in all areas of the world, the New Apostolic Reformation Churches. You will understand what the Bible means when it says that the foundation of the church is apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone.


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